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We Are Knee-Deep in a Renaissance 

What is Awakening?

The Awakening bears some explanation, as many are experiencing ‘awakening’ issues without knowing or understanding the causes. The term awakening refers to the sudden appearance of intense waves of intuition and empathy we well as episodes of visions, hearing voices, intense dreaming and strong desires to save the world. There is an urgency with these conditions that make it incredibly uncomfortable to stay still in the wake of the ‘calling,’ while also experiencing a host of physical symptoms that make it impossible to move forward. The side-effects of this are upon most of us now in one form or another, anything from sleepless nights, anxiety-ridden days, momentary dementia, spiritual vertigo, extreme headaches and a host of other ailments, all quick to heal once we surf a wave of more mature emotional and subconscious programming, something being done now by our higher mind, our Soul Guides.

The somewhat premature opening of the 6th and 7th chakras, energy centers that allow a more conscious connection to higher realm wisdom, are clogged with fear-based residue resulting from our discovery of self and what the self needs to love self. Too much self-centered awareness causes a clog in karmic residue that allows some of the self-structured axioms in need of re-conceptualization to come bouncing back at us in the form of spirit-messaging.

At this point in time, as we prepare for our journey upwards, as we learn to unlock the doors to our super-hero possibility (Higher Mind), we are tasked with clearing that karmic residue first and foremost, so that the earth-based matter on this planet, including our physical bodies, can and will survive from an awareness standpoint that fosters life.

“Making so much of your life’s substances and conditions wrong has caused such a small window of opportunity for us to come through to you, that it appears as though we are forcing back to you, your life-dogma as a means of clearing an opening in your awareness channels that is large enough for us to present the information you request of us.”

Guide-speak translation: they can’t get to us because we are too cluttered with ego-based axioms and desires. The first few sessions of opening that channel will feel as though you are sliding downhill and downhill fast unless you understand what is really happening and why. It may be a time when you are urgently driven towards success but getting nowhere until you realize that in a higher dimension, or mindset, your definition of success, or health, or well-being, will need to be redefined.

We live in a time of awakening, a renaissance of our evolving minds. As new doorways within our minds, and within the minds of our children, begin to open, I see a need for a higher level of guidance and wisdom as well as a wave of highest integrity that incorporates the good of the whole.

I can help you find the keys and unlock those doors.