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  As the veil between us and the spirit world thins, our consciousness cries out for healing. Spirit works with every one of us now to bring our personal vibration more in line with purest love. During this process, we will each experience a clearing of the fears stored in our subconscious mind. If you’re feeling stuck to the tune of the moldy oldies, I can help you find your chords of harmony again.

  Consultations are easily modified to meet your individual needs. Please contact me with your requirements and questions.

Consultations Available by Phone

Payment through PayPal

Contact me for specifics

Sessions are $100 per hour


Awakening Issues

Navigating the 1st few layers of spirit communication, including the physical, mental and emotional aspects

Family & Relationship Issues

Navigating relationships as we lose our ego mind and develop our heart-mind

Physical Healing

Work with the voice of spirit to determine the root cause and best healing protocol for physical pain and other issues

Spirit will advise as to whether this healing route is best for the client before any appointment will be scheduled

Higher Concepts

As we seek to rise into a higher dimension of life and love, our ego-based reasoning must undergo a transformation towards the good of the whole. Something as simple as our mesaures of success will require redesign in order to function comfortably from within.

Overall Clarity with Life

The shedding of the ego can cause some hiccups in everyday life. Charting a new course and learning to steer through the rapids and stagnant periods of the shift require new kinds of thought. A session with the Soul Guides can provide confirmation and fresh ideas.

Resolving the Unresolvable

The work is always up to us, but when it feels really bad, they will tell us what hidden layers we are transcending and offer guidance in how to rise above the hoplessness.

Q & A with Spirit

Bring your questions and ask away

Some specialized Q & A Topics:

How Spirit Works with Us

Where Did We Come From,

Where Are We Now


Where Are We Going from Here

Sharing the Lessons of Spirit Professors