Who Do You Channel?

Rhose has the ability to hear the beings that inhabit the layer of mind known as the Soul. They refer to themselves as the Higher Self or the Soul Family.

Can I Reach Those Who Have Crossed Over?

If there is a need for closure in some area of that specific relationship, the confirming message will be supplied. Otherwise, Rhose uses the voice of the Higher Realm to provide solutions and guidance for those here in this shifting reality as we evolve from a 3D existence to the higher possibility of the 5th dimension. (The guides aren't good at playing games)

Can I Schedule a General Q & A with the Guides?

Yes. Some people just bring a legal pad with questions and ask away. Be prepared for a lesson in higher realm concepts but you will get find the session interesting and thought-provoking.

What Can I Expect from a Reading/Consultation?

Rhose has the ability to hear her Soul Family/Guides at will. They will speak directly with you using her voice box. Her Soul Family will communicate with your Higher Self/Soul and supply you with a detailed prospectus on issues and concepts that you are working through, with them, in regards to your personal growth and ability-awakenings. You may ask any questions that arise, as the session is both casual and interactive. You will be actively involved in the conversation with spirit and will leave feeling more clarity with life's conundrums as well a sense of direction required for solutions. 

These sessions are more solution oriented than they are in providing proof that there is reality beyond the 5 senses, but spirit will read your mind, all while providing privacy and dignity.