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Dreaming Without Wings

Rhonda Rhose is a psychic with the ability to hear her spirit entourage 24/7. That gift is a God-send in her work, but when her invisible friends engineered a journey through her intuitive mind, she discovered a host of defense mechanisms that kept her from reaching the wise old woman at the top of her inner mountain. While wide awake, her spirit professors walked her through the hidden doorways of her subconscious mind and allowed her to see how our soul guides work with all of us as they help us clear our karmic residue and reprogram our emotional mind to accept and react with a higher vibration of emotional maturity and LOVE, the missing key in our quest for magic.

Written in the witty, self-deprecating style of Erma Bombeck, Rhose and her invisible friends diagram an angelic rescue process being used now to help us raise the vibration of mass consciousness in effort to repair the wobbling of our universe. The side-effects of this process are upon us now, sleepless nights, anxiety-ridden days, momentary dementia, spiritual vertigo and a host of physical ailments, all quick to heal once we surf a wave of more mature emotional and subconscious reasoning.

Available at

Inner Journey Healing Arts

The Crystal Connection

Ray of Light Holistic Health

Circa Arts Gallery - South Bend IN