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Rhonda Rhose travels with an invisible entourage. She hears and channels spirit guides. Known for an ability to cut through the fog and bring in higher viewpoints, her readings have long been touted as healing for the heart and mind.

Rhose’s belief is that most spiritual guidance is an attempt by our soul, or our higher mind, to send us confirmation of our own connection with divinity, as well as to provide solutions from outside the box. She has spent the last fifteen+ years in an intense, spirit-led workshop, exploring our awakening minds; how they work and how they are shifting and expanding, including new ways our soul-guidance is working with us to clear our karmic residue, a necessity for our health and the health of our planet. She outlines this process in her new book, Dreaming without Wings. She is also co-author of Magdalene’s Well, by Saga-Rhose.

Rhose has both studied and taught metaphysics, especially in terms of how the spirit world relates to us, the world of form, for the last 40+ years and has provided readings, both channeled and using tarot, for well over 25 years. Rhose’s ability to bridge higher-realm concepts with that in our everyday reality will often hold the key to the locked doorways in our lives.

Rhose has an office in her home in Granger, Indiana. She is also a certified Past Life Regression Therapist as well as a Reiki Master, but has chosen to focus on the areas of our evolving mind. She feels as though she is most effective bringing through the information provided by the spirit beings that guide us. She teaches the basics as well as advanced concepts in spiritual awareness and its pragmatic applications in the everyday world.

Rhose can be contacted through

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