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Take a Tour

of Your

Newly Awakening



Empathic Abilities

Guided Wisdom in

Opening the Doors

to Higher Awareness

and in

Managing the Symptoms

that come with

Dimensional Shift Awakenings 

When was the last time spirit stepped inside your head and helped you

sort out all the unresolved issues sprinkling through the back of your mind?

That is how Rhonda Rhose works. Her Soul Guides read your auric field, which includes all facets of your mind, mental, emotional, and etheric, as well as the body’s consciousness, and offers higher realm concepts and fresh viewpoints to assist you in making changes, solving problems and creating the perfect circumstances to move forward as we bridge the shift from 3rd to 5th dimensional living.

The Soul Family we all seek resides in our Higher Mind and provides a layer of guidance and Higher Realm Wisdom.

I can channel

those beings for you.

For a One-on-One talk with Spirit